Mass and Fuel

III. 4

The factors to explore the A340 masses to the 600 seater, the gear mass and the Equipment mass, was given by D.A.,


Wing 2.38
Fuselage 1.9
Horiz . stabiliser 2.62
Vert .  stabiliser 2.79
System 1.728

System mass:

The system mass/MTOW = 0.0163

Pylon mass:

Fuel capacity:

The fuel mass is calculated by the pyramid blunt formula:

Storable Fuel Mass:

Inner tank up to kink 1 144000
Inner tank from kink 1 56100
Outer tank up to kink 2 10600
Outer tank from kink 2 17100
Sum w/o wing middle tank 227800


An UHCA was born