To save energy it is important to reduce the fuel-burn of an aircraft. The best way to compare aircraft is to divide the fuel-burn by the seats.


Fig.: 5.3.2   Ref.: HL/POP

The C601-1 is using only 83% of the fuel per passenger than a 747-400 over a distance of 6000 nm with 100% seats taken (see appendix III.6.2).

An effective way to get airlines to save fuel by ordering aircraft with, lower fuel-burn and emission, is to impose a special environmental tax on the fuel price, depending on the emission output of the engines, (this is already done in Sweden).

The influence of new technology and the size of the aircraft over the relative SMC, at different kerosene prices, are shown in Figure 5.3.3 (The $2 price includes $1.28 of taxes per gallon).

Comparison seat mile cost vs. fuel price Sector length = 3000 nm


Fig.: 5.3.3   Ref.: HL/DOC-P

It will possibly be better for the environment to use less UHCA on a hub to hub system, than using smaller aircraft for direct flights.

An UHCA was born